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Melbourne Wedding Videography

Melbourne Wedding Videography
Paper Lion Collective

Ah, Melbourne, the city of love.
(or maybe that’s Paris)

Melbourne’s one of our favourite places to film weddings. Every time we’ve filmed in the city we’ve discovered new hidden gems, and old haunts that originally seemed ordinary become special new places (like a little old camera shop we thought no one knew about ended up featuring in one couple’s wedding day because that’s where they’d say goodbye before parting ways each night- now when we think Peony Garden we think Sarah + Nanda).

And who can ignore the splendour of the Yarra Valley down the road? It’s just too beautiful for its own good. We’re talking rolling hills, golden sunsets, big blue skies, vineyards galore, and a top notch region to get married in. We’ll always travel across to the Yarra Valley (or the rest of the state for that matter) for free- driving along those country roads will never get old for us.

Keen to chat and want to know more? If you follow this link here you can see a bit more about us (like what our faces look like), and learn a little more about our vibe. Hit us up, we’ll send you our packages and prices, have a chat with you guys and learn what you’re about, and we’re always down for a drink in the city to discuss more about this awesome love-fest you’re planning.

We’re in the process of putting our favourite Melbourne region weddings on this page, but in the meantime feel free to head on over here to see a bit more of our work.

Some of our favourite Melbourne Weddings

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